Meat Candy BBQ

Meat Candy BBQ was born from an idea I had while attending a bbq class i attended in Rotorua. I realised my absolute passion for the craft of low and slow. In the car leaving there I set this in motion. With the support of Shelley and my family we slowly started the wheels in  […]

Caveman BBQ

@CAVEMAN BBQ we are all about the basics of cooking with WOOD and FIRE to produce our LOW n SLOW SMOKED tender cooked MEAT. We use weather dried and seasoned  New Zealand native timber to fuel our locally custom built OFFSET trailer mounted CAVEMAN BBQ, to produce our tender, melt in the mouth, succulent MEAT […]

Southern Meat Kitchen

An American BBQ concept restaurant in Taupo, opened a year ago followed by their mobile foodtruck. They cater strongly to the carnivore with their range of meats, smoked and cooked Low n Slow on our Traeger wood pellet smoker. SMK offer Tex Mex Chicken, Beef Brisket & BBQ Pulled Pork, Served in a burger or […]

Black Stag Deli

Black Stag Deli is proud of producing healthy clean food. Authentic handmade like in the old times. All of their German bratwurst, spicy chorizo, and Megadog sausages are lovingly crafted without gluten, dairy, artificial colours, soy, fillers or binders. Just meat and spices.  Bbq on wood charcoal fired pendulum grill that’s the real deal. If […]

Che Lucio BBQ

Che Lucio BBQ is a joined business with myself (Maria) and my partner Lucio. He has been a chef for over 14 years, working in different places (Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Spain). We decided to start this business as a way to share our passion for food and our unique Argentinean bbq technique (well known […]

Aloisio Brazilian BBQ

We are the real deal epic tasting Brazilian Backyard BBQ, Low and slow, but different than the Amercian low and slow. The flavours are epic and we are the only people in the country to offer this unique barbecue.

Dixie Barbecue

Dixie Barbecue is a food truck and mobile food vendor based in Auckland and we provide authentic American barbecue. The meat is cooked low and slow smoked using traditional woods. The trailer is fitted with a commercial Southern Pride wood smoker from Tennessee, U.S.A. This allows us to cook a large amounts to a consistent, […]