Chahoo BBQ

What’s your earliest and favorite memory of barbecuing? Xmas time and cooking for the whole family.   its the type of thing that brings family together Tell us a bit about your barbecue specialty? My specialty is Rotisserie meat especially rolled Pork Roast. Skin has to be crackled up and tender throughout!! So why barbecue, how […]

Burnt Beginnings BBQ

Two guys with a love of BBQ and cooking. Representing Northland and Auckland we’re in our first competitive season and looking to learn, have fun and maybe not come last!  We like to try new things and push the boundaries a bit, but have fun whilst doing do. Cooking on a variety of different smokers you […]

Full Throttle Bar-B-Q

Team made up of Paul (Captain), Mick and Louie.  Started competitive bbq 1 year ago and developed the addiction. What’s our BBQ top tip? Don’t get too drunk What’s our BBQ Motto? Don’t get too drunk, and have fun.  

Meat Smoke Eat

We’re a team of keen-as foodies with a particular focus on BBQ. Forbes is a Scotsman who’s found his way to Christchurch via Auckland where we met over a love of both fishing and BBQ. We’re joined by Brendan who fits the typical kiwi bloke path to American BBQ. He was a traditional bangers over […]

Southern Fat Cuts

Southern Fat Cuts BBQ is a Christchurch team of 3 low & slow barbeque enthusiasts who are very passionate about BBQ, they’re keen to take their operations up a level by entering the Competition scene to expand the knowledge base and master the art of BBQ. The team comprises of Steve Fountain, Glenn Manning and […]

Jurassic Pork

We are a young team. Two mates out of west auckland with a passion for bbq and meat. Excited to see how far we can take this journey. Looking forward to the 2019 comp season. Come say hi and have a beer. Top Tip: Keep an even temp, looking isn’t cooking

Smokin Aces BBQ

We are NZ’s biggest BBQ’ers (by weight, voice and drinking volumes) and we will be back competing at this years Meatstock Auckland NZ BBQ Wars as we continue our smokin hot journey. BBQ top tip? Getting KFC and putting it on the smoker to add the 12th secret ingredient….try it….you won’t regret it.     […]

Smok’n Comrades

We are a BBQ team from the Naki, who’s a big old family (Craig and Paul being the main stays). Been following the Low N Slow BBQ movement, for the past 3-4 years. Over this time, we started to build all our pits we are currently using, with a Reverse Flow Off Set Smoker and […]

BBQ Buds

Bbqbuds started as a Snapchat group and became a competition BBQ team over a very short time. We have now competed in over 8 competitions and won trophies in the last 3.

Black Label Barbecue

“Black Label Barbecue” was forged by a few mates who share a common love of great Barbecue, Great Music and Great Beer. We love all things low and slow.   Our BBQ Top Tip: “Treat Smoke like a Spice” Our Motto is: “Do you even Smoke?”

Big Tent Meat Revival

Good bbq comes from the soul… #soulfood. We are a family based team from Auckland, NZ who love barbecue! We took out the top prize in the Jack Daniels National BBQ Championship 2017/2018, also in 2018 we competed at the American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City, USA and were one of two […]

Rum And Que

Our team is Rum And Que and this is our third Meatstock. There are 4 of us, my wife, Noel, Ryan and myself. We are all very passionate cooks and love to bbq. We love a cold drink while cooking. We try to make as many rubs and sauces to keep it in house. Our […]

Meat Fingers BBQ

We are Meat Fingers BBQ, formed in 2016 – especially for Meatstock. We have all shared a love and passion for low n slow BBQ for the past 3 years and have formed a team, mighty and determined. We cook on a Radar Hill Reverse Flow Offset and proQ bullets Myself (Mike Hunt), Stacey Hunt […]


Our team motto….? It’s not just bbq its war. Top tip: Bbq is the kind of experiment a person Can have with wood and fire.