War Pigs

We are so ready and looking forward to the event, having just done our first local 1 day competition in which we got a 4th place in beef. This gave us a bit of confidence, as we are all fairly new to this competing game! Our top BBQ tip? Don’t panic, go with the flow and […]

Meat Smoke Eat

We’re a team of keen-as foodies with a particular focus on BBQ. Forbes is a Scotsman who’s found his way to Christchurch via Auckland where we met in over a love of both fishing and BBQ. We’re joined by Brendan who fits the typical kiwi bloke path to American BBQ. He was a traditional bangers […]

Fat ‘n’ Drunk Barbeque

In the last couple of years a few restaurants started popping up around Auckland that really introduced us to low n slow wood smoked meat, then we found the NZ BBQ Pitmaster page on Facebook and realised there was a huge community of awesome guys and girls cooking amazing food in their backyards. I purchased […]

Pirongia Porkers BBQ

The porkers lads take their name from their hometown of Pirongia for two of the members – Kurt & Nathan. It is the teams first year competing with reasonable results. Our last comp, 3 of 4 of our last hand ins were top 8 results considering we have only been cooking over coals and wood consistently for […]

Storth Oaks Smokers

Team Storth Oaks Smokers consists of Tim and Kelly Brittain – winners of the 2017 Steak of Origin Competition for growing the best steak in NZ – an Angus of cause!

Southern BBQ

We are 3 mates from South Africa; BBQ is a tradition for us! We love to BBQ a variety of meats with a variety of flavours. BBQ is in our blood. No weather condition will prevent a BBQ from taking place. Friends & BBQ, this is what we live for. Our top tip is to get the best […]

Long White Smoke BBQ

Our team ‘Long White Smoke BBQ’ consists of the of partnership Hamish and Owen. We have been mates for 16 years, and at last years Auckland Meatstock both talked about putting a team together for the next one. Hamish’s engineering background and access to the facilities he needed to build us a couple of epic […]

High Steaks

We are a new team called High Steaks to the BBQ competition in Auckland. Four mates who love to have fun with fire. Our top tip is watch Youtube vids on BBQ and try to replicate. Most unusual thing we have BBQ’d would be non meat Eggplant. Our BBQ moto is ALL IN.

Bare Bones BBQ

Tell us a little bit about your team! We are a new team keen on low and slow cooking and having fun with mates. What’s your BBQ top tip? Its ready when its ready. Tell us your BBQ fighting talk / BBQ motto – In it to win it.


Our team motto….? It’s not just bbq its war. Top tip: Bbq is the kind of experiment a person Can have with wood and fire.


I am an immigrant from Canada, my wife is a Kiwi and we’re beginners at barbecue competitions.  We’ve been enjoying barbecue at home for years so My wife Nara and I have decided to do this for a bit of competitive fun. What’s your BBQ top tip? Burn a clean fire Most unusual thing you have BBQ’d? […]